“ The Bible Is Hebrew Literature ”

A Seminar For Both Christians and Messanic Jews

In the past few decades, there has been a growing movement by Gentile Christians to embrace the Jewish/Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith. Many churches and congregations are adopting more "Jewish" types of worship practices. However whether Messianic Jew or Gentile Christian, Western believers still read their Bible through their Western Greko-Roman and Gentile theological mindset and modern culture, contrary to the Hebrew nature and ancient origins of their Bible.

The modern Christian Church was born on the Day of Pentecost, when a group of Judean-Hebrew Disciples of Jesus were gathered together in Jerusalem, in one place, praying and received holy spirit. Jesus promised them power from on high (John 20:22, Acts 1:4-5) and it came to pass that day. Peter stood up and preached the first sermon of the newly born “body of Christ” and sermon quoted from the Hebrew Bible, the Christian Old Testament. Thousands of Jews believed on Jesus that day when they heard the Word of God and saw the power of God in Jesus' apostles. With the coming of holy spirit on this day, Christianity took flight among the Jerusalem Jews. The 1st century Jerusalem cultural setting is an important context to understand this event and Peter's sermon. The Interpretation Seminar is about seeing this and other biblcial events in their proper Judean-Hebrew context.

Many Christians think of this time recorded in the Bible as miraculous, unique and even mysterious, because they do not understand the Hebrew worldview and mindset of Jesus and his apostles. Christians also do not comprehend the manifested power of holy spirit in the same way that the 1st century Jewish believers understood it, for the same reason. This seminar will lift the cultural veil that has obscured the 1st century Christian Faith from modern western believers, Jewish and Gentile alike.

The topics of Hebrew Literature, Culture, Language, History and Logic are all necessary for modern followers of Jesus (Yeshua) to understand, to accurately read their Bible in all of its proper contexts. In ancient times there were rules and guide lines for understanding the ancient writings. These principles were applied by Jesus, his apostles and the apostle Paul. These rules and guide lines are not taught in Bible Colleges or Churches today, but this seminar will unveil them and show you how Jesus, his apostles and the apostle Paul applied ancient Hebraic principles to comprehending scripture.

A common mistake amoung the "Hebrew Roots" movement is to think the Faith grew from the Rabbinical-Judaism Religion (Phariseeism). This is not true, rather the Gentiles are grafted into the shared heritage of the Jew's forefathers just like the Jews. According to the apostle Paul's spiritual tree metaphor, there is a Native Jewish Branch and a Wild Gentile Branch. But both grow from the same root, the same heritage. This does not mean that Gentiles adopt a foreign Jewish culture or religion or that Jews become Gentile in culture to understand or practice the Christian Faith. No. You do not need turn your churches into synagogues nor abandon true Judaism to understand and appreciate the roots of Christianity. Christianity is a melding of the truth montheistic faith of the ancient Hebrews with the power and authority available in gift of holy spirit.

The Christian Faith is universal and cross cultural but it was born, took flight and chronicled in a specific cultural with its own unique world view and belief structure. All believers in Jesus owe the ancient Hebrews a debt of gratitude for preserving the knowledge and concepts of the original monotheistic worldview and belief structure embodied in the ancient Hebrew language and culture. This can still be read in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The ancient Hebrew worldview is how they viewed the structure of the cosmos. Their belief structure derives out of that worldview. This is the identical worldview and belief structure of Jesus, his apostles and the 1st century Jewish believers. The apostle Paul taught this wordview and belief structure to his gentile converts but he did NOT "Judaize" them by requiring that they live like Judeans practicing circumcision, cleansing rites, keeping sabbath days or even celebrating Jewish holidays ... not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not a requirment for Gentile Believers.

This Bible Interpretation seminar breaks new ground by teaching the Faith as the 1st century gentile believers would have understood it from the apostles Paul and Peter. This seminar will unravel the differences between the original eastern Biblical Hebrew Faith of the 1st century from later Western Gentile Faith of the 4th century when the church became political and formalized its beliefs into creeds. This seminar will help you develop an appetite for the Scriptures and help you to hear the voice of Jesus, and his apostles like you've never heard them before!

When scripture is read from the perspective that it is all Hebrew thought, from Genesis to Revelation, it develops a simple symmetrical, unified story about Jehovah's plan to return man to paradise.

“ The Bible is Hebrew Literature and Must be Read as the Hebrews Read it. ”

This seminar is under development. There is no projected specific completion date.

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