Interpretation Bible Seminar Is Not:

  • another Ministry
  • another Organization
  • another Charity
  • another Church
  • another Synagugue

Interpretation Bible Seminar Does Not:

  • promote a Ministry
  • promote a Denomination
  • promote a Doctrine
  • promote a Church
  • promote a Hebrew Roots Movement

What This Seminar Really Is:

The Straight Bible Interpretation Seminar is sponsored by independent Christians who believe that Bible Study resources should be available to all Christians believers and workers, without religious affiliation or doctrinal "axe grinding".

The interpretation principles taught in this seminar are based on the ancient Hebrew Culture -- the unversal culture of the Bible. This results in a Cultual Theology, not Systematic or Biblical Theology. Applying the principles taught in this seminar will not lead to the student becoming a proselyte of any specific church, or ministry or messianic synagogue and espcially not any form of Modern Pharaseeism or legalism. Reading Bible within its Hebrew context is the over riding principle taught in this seminar.

How To Participate:

The Seminar is Free but a registration with physical address is required. Registrations for this on line seminar are expected to be shared with your family and/or your Bible study group. That does not mean that you openly share your login credentials with strangers or the public. The expectation is that a registration is for a family or group that physically meets together.

Why? Most real learning takes place as people interact and discuss new ideas. “The Body of Christ.” In 1 Corinthians, chapter 12, Paul refers to the assembly of believers functioning together like a human body -- no divisions or agenda conflicts, all in one body.

This seminar is in progress of development. Registration and Login are currently disabled.

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